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How it works:

In this very simplified example, you should not exceed our solution by more than 5%. Can you do it?

  1. Try to deliver all orders of different weights as cheaply as possible.
  2. You have five vehicles with different load capacities and different mileage rates.
  3. Click to include the order in the route of your chosen vehicle. 
  4. When you schedule all orders, you could check our solution. You will see the financial comparison against us at the piggy bank.



Minimized transport costs and maximized customer service level.


Optimized user interface, easy to use.


Improved vehicle utilization.


Mobile app for the drivers for both Android and iOS.


Read-only access for customer service or carriers.


Cloud application with easy implementation.

Why RINKAI ROUTING might be the right choice for you?

  • Free trial and implementation
  • Reduce transport costs by up to 20%
  • Speed up route planning

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