We are developers of route optimization tool 


We allow you to create an efficient delivery plan based on customer orders, respecting transport and customer constraints, maximizing fleet utilization and minimizing transport costs. It makes sense to deploy the system in operations from three to three hundred vehicles.

Transport costs reduction of around 10-20%.
Faster transport plan creation.
Customer service improvement.
Easy fleet mix simulation.

How it works?

Start to prepare the routes for you to deliver efficiently

Log into the online application, which runs on powerful servers


Custom orders are entered into the system either manually or automatically from an ERP system via web interface.


When optimizing, digital maps are used that include information on toll charges, road accessibility and speeds for different types of vehicles etc.


System allows both day-to-day planning and preparation of fixed routes to be used for several days, weeks or months.


Once the plan has been prepared, it is possible to print out an itinerary for the driver, inform customers about the expected delivery time per e-mail, etc.


What will you take care of when using Rinkai Routing?

Customer time window
Tonnage restriction
Vehicle type restriction
Time availability of vehicles
Loading capacity
Road accessibility for various vehicles


Play video

Do you want to know, how our algoritms work?

Before you begin, remember that in real life, tasks are much more complex. You plan more orders, you need to take into account the time windows, restrictions on vehicle size or type, road network, etc. However, in this very simplified example you should not be worse than 5% of transport costs.

Instructions: The task is to distribute all orders as cheaply as possible. There are five vehicles with different tonnage and different kilometer rate. Click to add the order to the selected vehicle's route. After the planning all the orders we start planning, then we compare the results.

Why us?

  • We benefit from many years of experience with executive roles in manufacturing or distribution companies.
  • We actively participate in the implementation to maximize the benefits of deploying the system.
  • Thanks to our own development, we can tailor the system to specific requirements or complete the required functionality.
  • We are constantly investing in the development of algorithms, user interface and overall functionality.
  • The tools we develop and supply are also used intensively in our own project activities.
  • We do not promise more than we can do, we can not do everything. But what we do is really good.
  • We are strongly oriented towards the outcome.


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Petr Němeček: +420 776 727 770
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